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Am I wrong in calling them A-Holes?
If you pressed NEED (as implied by the first half of your post) on items you intend to sell, then you might as well call yourself that.

Or am I "supposed" to just give them everything that my character can't use? Why else is there a greed and disassemble option? Any feedback is welcome.
That's a strange question. Greed and disassemble are there to be used.

And by selecting greed you are not necessarily giving anything away. If everyone else greeds it too you all have equal chance to win as it should be. However if someone else needs it because he is going to use it (and you would not use it), then yes, you are just supposed to let them have it.

And heads up, here comes the most important point:

It is not about what you "can" use. It is about what you are going to use.

If an item dropped, that you technically "can" use, but obviously you are not going to use (because you have better item equipped already) and you still clicked NEED on that anyway, then I would kick you for that too.