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08.07.2012 , 04:09 PM | #44
I consider myself to be VERY patient with this game, but I have kinda reached the end of my thether now.

Please dont say all MMO's have these sorts of issues, I played WOW for 4 years and there were some very minor bugs but nothing like this, this is just incompetence and a lack of testing (caused by funding issues?).

I am bored enough with end game content, the guild has been farming it for months on mains and alts, to not be able to play it after a "fix" is just ridiculous.

So is the ticketing process.

This game has so much potential, just logged WOW and realised how old the game is compared to SWTOR, but I fear with EA pulling the purse strings and no passion for developping this game and now with the F2P thing being progressed my fears are playing out, absolute disaster.

The game is great, but EA have shown absolutely no faith in it and now they are force choking every last penny out of it.
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