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Are you effin kidding me right now?? That is the most hilarious response I have ever read!!

92 is the number of possible healers based on classes that the enemy could have had (combination of sorc, merc, and op with mirrors). There was a total of 92 of these, meaning the enemy had 92 possible healers regardless of the poster's team makeup. This means the enemy had at most 1 healer in 92 warzones and 0 in 32 of them. What idiots are going into RWZs with 1 or 0 healers? Multiplying by 2 tells me nothing about how many healers were on their ranked warzone team at all, they could have had 8 and it doesn't change the fact that your statistics show 92 on the other teams in 124 matches. No more posting allowed for you I think.
Highlighted in yellow. That is correct. Before, however, you claimed something else - you said there were max 92 possible healers in the warzone (not on the enemy team). Thus my reply. In the warzone, the number of healers is higher than 92.

As for it being weird - i hear "lfm losing ranked warzones, still earns commendations" in general chat on the fleet. What do you think those 400 marauders are doing? Patiently waiting on a healer? When they could be losing their way to better equipment?