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This stuff happens in all MMO's not just here. If you had any knowledge in gaming (Which I highly doubt.) You would know that MMO's are the heaviest with coding and changing the color of an item from blue to green could do as much as break your inventory entirely.
That is a null argument. I work in quality assurance so I know that bug free software is a myth. However this is a very clear case of an engineer not testing his code and QA not doing its job. The fix was supposed to make probes spawn more consistently. Instead they no longer spawn. So not only did it not fix the issue it also broke existing functionality. Any capable tester worth his salt would have seen this happening. Even if the engineers have a big issue coding this then at the VERY least QA should have seen this.

The issue with the matrix cubes was also something that could easily have been seen by a default testing 101 update test. Again it is so blatantly staring people in the face that I for the life of me cannot understand why it was not caught. If I make mistake like this I can pack my bags and go find another job.
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