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08.07.2012 , 04:01 PM | #88
It's hard to ask for nerfs to classes that have an overwhelming majority, without a lot of opposition.

Most of the idiots that claim that PT and Maras are just fine, are PT's and Maras.

Granted, I think the propossed solutions of the OP are idiotic and would be a massive over-nerf - though he is right about what the issues are with them.

That aside, I'm sick of all the "L2P" crap from people not wanting their OP classes to be balanced. Keep up that nonsense and you'll end up like Operatives, who used to say the exact same thing back when they were OP. Maybe some constructive suggestions about how to nerf your class but not over-nerf it, would help prevent exactly the type of changes the OP is asking for, from happening. Otherwise, you can cry me a river when you get your faces beat in by the nerf bat!