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I've really enjoyed reading everyone's work, although I haven't commented on anything specific because I'm feeling lazy. I'll just give a blanket statement of "You're all awesome, we've got some talent in here."

And now, I've got a piece to present. The prompt I used for this was Guilty Pleasures, although I used the prompt as more of a framing device to stick some plot in there. This will introduce my Sith Warrior, as I am of the opinion that there can never be enough Sith Warrior fanfic out there, especially when it involves female Pureblood Sith Warriors.

This takes place during chapter three of the Warrior storyline, so major spoilers!

And now, without further ado...the fic! I couldn't come up with a title, although I was tempted to call it "Mood Whiplash." You'll, um, see why.


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