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08.07.2012 , 12:49 PM | #6
BW has to do something about the marauders (and their rep counterparts). Not so much for them being overpowered (which i personally think they could use a tweak here or there, maybe in the cooldowns for their def cds and/or cc's), but the diversity of the wzs are being affected. The wz's on my server are completely dominated by marauders. Every wz has 4+ marauders on the one team.

They either need a better algorithm to balance the wz's for more diveristy among the classes, or they need to make the fotm people shift off this class and go to something else (like they did when sorcerers dominated the wzs awhile back). I love PvP (its all i do), but its getting really annoying and not fun fighting primarily one class every mini.