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we all know Marauders and sentinels,Powertechs and vanguards at the moment are the flavor of the month class's and are also game breakingly overpowerd in the PvP area and are in need of fixing and nerfing badly.

i will start by explaining Marauder and Sentinels.

Marauders and Sentinels have to much utility as well as damage which makes this class godly in pvp at the moment.
they get 3 buffs
1. reduces damage taken by 25% and reflects damage
2. reduces damage by 20% and increases defense by 50%
3. reduces damage by 99%

only 1 buff should be available to these class's.for example of imbalance it would be like giving troopers and bounty hunters 3 versions of energy sheild.
these 3 buffs need to be seperated into the 3 tree's of the class so you will have to spend at least 20 talent points in order to aquire 1 of these buffs.they will no longer aquire these buffs through the skill vendor and will have to be aquired using talent points so they will no longer be able to aquire all 3.

the over all damage of marauders and sentinels needs to be reduced by around 15%.

marauders and sentinels already get enough utility without having all the buffs they currently have which is one of the reasons they are goldy in pvp right now.

Powertechs and Vanguards
the pure dps tree's of these class's needs looking at.the burst dps for these class's is far to high.
here are some ways to resolve the problem.
1. add a 5 seconds cooldown to flame burst so it can no longer be spammed.
2. reduce the armor pen passive from rail shot and high impact bolt down from 60% to 15% at 5% per point
3. overall damage reduction of about 10%
the burst dps is far to high and something needs to be done my idea for powertechs and vanguards will fix the issue slightly.

please keep this thread clean as any abusive posts and troll threads will asked to be removed.

thank you.