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I was recently in a flashpoint with three other characters and they kicked me from the group like immature kids pouting about losing the item rolls. I was a bounty hunter and they were sith. One item I needed, they don't need bounty hunter gloves. Another was an item I wanted to sell. The last was an item I wanted to disassemble. I won those rolls but lost several other. I didn't pout when I lost rolls. They voted and kicked me out right at the end before the good loot dropped. Am I wrong in calling them A-Holes? Or am I "supposed" to just give them everything that my character can't use? Why else is there a greed and disassemble option? Any feedback is welcome.
I have to say, kicking you at the very end is a d**k move.

If in fact, you were rolling need incorrectly and the group was unhappy and they decided to vote kick you for it, waiting until the very end is the wrong way to do it.