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I kinda went a different way with my Agent. and didn't think of giving him a real name until tonight (Which is why it kinda sucks)

My IA's Chiss name: Chaf'Golsher'Endono (Yeah, he is part of the Chaf family and related to Aristocra Formbi.)
His "original" core name was: Golsher
New "core name: Golsheren.
I originally didn't go with the naming convention because for the back story I wrote, he was disowned by his family for supporting the Sith, and chose not to go by his normal "Core" name of Golsher. And when he joined Imperial Intelligence, he took his core name and the first two letters of his "Occupation name" and just rolled with it. He didn't add his family name because he still felt some loyalty to his family, and didn't what their name tainted.

Yeah, not all that good.
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