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On WEDNESDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and SCORPIO.

SCORPIOís chassis stands in the corner. She appears to be powered down; the lights of her eyes are out and she is nonresponsive. The children donít dare get too close to investigate this in any detail.
T7-01: Today = show and tell // hope = no more warship crashes // Ashara = goes first
BABY ASHARA: Today I have brought irrefutable proof that the Jedi are better than the Sith.
BABY XALEK: That's not a valid show and tell at all.
BABY ASHARA turns and Force levitates T7-01. The children ooh and aah.
BABY ASHARA: Sith just throw lightning. Which just breaks droids instead of making them fly. Which is way less cool.
T7-01: Xalek = don't even think about a counter-demonstration
BABY RISHA: I dunno. Lightning is pretty cool.
BABY ASHARA lets T7-01 down to the ground. T7-01 extends an electroprobe to nearby BABY DOC and shoots a spark at him.
BABY DOC: Ow! Hey! Since when were you Sith?
T7-01: Sith lightning = intriguing // children = trust T7's benevolence // children = carry on // show and tell = Doc's turn
BABY DOC: Here is a testimonial from the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic telling everyone how awesome I am, and how I rescued the entire population of a small planet you wouldn't have heard of on the Outer Rim.
BABY RISHA: The Supreme Chancellor signs his testimonials in crayon?
BABY DOC: The ways of authority are mysterious, gorgeous.
T7-01: Doc = manifestly lying // Doc = inferior forger // Doc = doesn't deserve cookies
BABY DOC: We really need to negotiate some kind of immunity clause for show and tell.
T7-01: That idea = intriguing // results = may be fascinating
BABY RISHA: That's surprisingly open-minded of you.
BABY ASHARA: Suspiciously so.
T7-01: Children = trust me
BABY DOC: He is Mister Teeseven. And he's agreeing with me. Roll with it.
T7-01: Next turn = Vector
BABY VECTOR: Today we have brought a fingerling, a tiny Killik.
BABY VECTOR: It's only a little bit of Killik.
BABY VECTOR: Better run for it, little guy.
T7-01: Children = no killing // Children = allow T7 to handle it
BABY XALEK: We have to do what Risha says.
The children ignore T7-01 and begin a mad scramble to chase the fingerling, which flees into the nearest tiny gap in the wall.
T7-01: Observation = expected // compulsion = not relieved by the prospect of alternate methods
BABY ASHARA: Not to be rude, but can we get to snack time soon? I'm starving.
BABY RISHA: I'm still trying to figure out what's up with Mister Teeseven.
T7-01: Here = nothing to see // children = move along
T7-01 heads over to extend a data probe to SCORPIO. Moments later SCORPIO's eyes light up and T7-01 spins in a disoriented circle.
SCORPIO: Fascinating. Your trust levels are truly interesting, children.
T7-01: T7 = not sure what's going on
SCORPIO: Nothing. Come, now that I am awake from my complete inactivity, let us move on to snack time.

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