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Direct aftermath of the Quinncident…

Athra had spared his life aboard the Transponder Station, but she had not spared him from punishment. Since he had betrayed both herself and the crew, she decided to let them in on his punishment. Unfortunately for Quinn.

“I say you let me have five minutes alone with him,” Pierce said gruffly.

“You’d kill him in five seconds,” Athra replied wisely.

“Only the last five,” he muttered unhappily.

“According to some regulation Quinn recited,” she started.

“Two thirty four dash B,” the aforementioned Quinn interjected.

“Yeah, whatever,” she said dismissively. “Anyway, the punishment for treason is fifty lashes if the accused wasn’t promptly shot in the face.”

“Executed by firing squad,” he translated.

“Oooh, I’ve always wanted to whip someone!” Vette said excitedly.

Quinn swallowed and adjusted his collar a tad.

“We’re not whipping him,” Athra said reproachfully.

“Aww!” Vette, Pierce, and Broonmark whined.

“Thank the Force!” Jaesa said happily.

“Death to the traitor!” Twovee yelled with surprising bloodlust.

“No one dies!” Athra said, exasperated. “Instead, I thought I’d let you all have a bit of fun slapping Quinn around.” She paused for effect. “Literally.”

“My lord?” Quinn questioned with a squeak.

“I’ve always wanted to slap the sh*t outta him,” Pierce grinned. “How many do we get each?”

“Every crew member gets five. That includes Twovee.” Twovee hooted at that. “I’ll keep the rest on reserve,” she explained.

“Seems fair! When can we start the slap fest?” Vette asked with childlike malicious glee.

“After I dismiss you all.”

“I think I’d rather be whipped, my lord,” Quinn said morosely.

“This is more fun and less bloody,” she grinned.

“I’d clean up after,” he bargained.

“No dice, home slice!” Vette piped happily.

“I can’t wait to get started,” Pierce said evilly.

“Dismissed,” Athra said with a broad grin.

“I suddenly have other places to be," Quinn said as he turned to run.

“I can track his Force signature,” Jaesa said softly.

The assembled crew turned to her with wide eyes.

“What? I’ve always wanted to slap someone,” she said innocently.

“Get trackin’, babe, we ain’t got all day,” Pierce said with a smirk.


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