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In which Vette asks a question she didn't want the answer to...

“You get off on making dramatic entrances, don’t you?” Vette asked the Captain one afternoon.

“I derive some pleasure from them, yes,” he said stiffly.

“Yeah, that’s what I said. You get off on it.”

“I do not ‘get off on it’ as you so crassly put it.”

“What do you get off on?”

“Lord Athra,” he said in monotone.

“Oh, god, ew!” Vette muttered as she left the galley.

“Was that entirely necessary?” Athra asked unhappily from across the table.

“I get off on it,” he said seriously.

Athra spat out her caff. He smirked and quietly sipped his tea as he continued to browse his datapads for field reports.
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