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Quote: Originally Posted by Ror-bi-wan View Post
you can only craft chest legs head for these sets.
May have been true before, but no longer.

I recently acquired a schematic for Ablative Plasteel Boots for my Synthweaver. One of my other alts who also has UT got it from a mission. It is Medium armor, like the other pieces in the Ablative Plasteel set, but only requires level 23 to use, not level 31 like the other Ablative Plasteel pieces listed.

And this post
lists several pieces for hands, wrists, waist or feet, though not all of them for any one set.

So it may be possible to get truly "full" sets of these - head, chest, legs, hands, wrists, waist, feet - not just the first three pieces. Perhaps the OP can update the first page to list all slots for these sets, and then add details on the pieces as folks collect them.