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08.06.2012 , 01:12 AM | #46
It is unfortunate that you need to research this to find out that it does indeed affect creating x2 of medpacs, stims, adrenals, augment kits, and nightmare pilgrim items. If you crit on exotech stims/adrenals/medpacs since they're in groups of 3 you'll get x4.

I tend to crit quite more often now on gault now so its definitely worth it.

The tooltip needs to be updated ASAP. If anything bioware/EA austin you'll get more people to buy the perk with cartel coins if you clarify the language on the tooltip to reflect this. Perhaps "increases your change to "increases the chance of an augmented or extra consumable result while crafting by n% Assuming you want to try and retain some of your initial awkward phrasing.

If I were to have complete license I would suggest "Increases your chance to obtain augments on equipment or obtain extra consumables by n%