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Simply listing nerfs and buffs doesn't do much. Could you perhaps explain the reasoning behind them? I'm especially interested in your reasoning behind the Gunslinger nerfs you believe are needed.
I will do my best to attempt this further in the thread. As for Gunslinger nerfs- I play a gunslinger as my main, and I've noticed that although my class's only spec is to deal damage- the amount it deals when specced and played correctly is insane, especially if we go unnoticed. It's only a minor tweak- I wish to change Wounding as it brings players from 100% health down to 40-50% easily(With the bleed effects taken into account). As for crit, I've had the upwards of 5k crits and it simply is too much. The AoE damaged reduction was reduced due to other classes with similar abilities' level in order to promote equality.