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I don't think You've played with any really good melee players. Melee classes generally take a little more skill to pull off then a range class. But heres some things to debunk your post.

Reason 1
Sure you can root a melee class in PVP however ALL melee classes in the game have some long ranged moves with mauraders having the least ammount of long ranged moves however if they are carnage (which they should be for pvp) they can unroot themselves with their stealth and not only unroot themselves but also move up to you without you being able to attack them again until they pop out. Also every melee in the game outside of the ops have gap closers.

Reason 2
Yes melee classes do take the most damage being they are right in there however the meleee classes have some of the best cool downs in the game. Most of them are really short or really powerful.

Reason 3
Melee classes if played right should always be doing more dps then any range with similar gear. For starters most of the melee dps do more dps to begin with just as a class and most important they get more time on target. While ranged are moving around the ranged classes are still on the boss attacking while dodging AOE damage and being all melee do almost all instant casts they are hardly affected.
Reason 4
once again in raids they do way more damage then ranged can in almost all situations (unless they suck) And played correctly with good tanks they should never be getting cleaved.

For these reasons at least, the melee classes need a serious love. The suggestions are:
- Melee tank classes should take less damage in defensive forms (and deal little damage)
They all have AOE damage reducers in their still tree outside of ops
- Melee tank classes should be more efficient in protecting (guarding) their team mates.
Thats the tanks job
- Melee DPS classes should deal more damage in offensive forms.
They are the best dps in the game outside of assasins
- Melee classes should be less affected by crowed control effects in general, as they are both affected by movement impairing effects and mez / stun effects.
Everyclass in the game gets a CC breaker and in some cases they get two

I could understand why you might feel they need some love but the fact of the matter is playing melee dps in almost all games is just allot harder and this game is no exeption. If you are having trouble just reroll a sniper.