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And yet we got none of the above.

Now the real question being: how much did you guys really learn from your past mistakes that lead your decision makers to create this:
Meh. I feel bad for the woman and her family that put every penny into moving to Austin and have those health problems and now no income.

However, Vogel and every other idiot that made design decisions about this polished turd of an MMO deserve to be fired. I hope every last one of one of them gets fired and never works in the industry again (as if). Anyone with half a brain cell could have told you that copying WoW, putting Star Wars skins over it, and adding 100 million dollars of voice acting to it, was going to eat #$@% and then die. But no, every MMO design team is 100% ego, thinks they are the messiah, THEY are different, better, THEY will be the WoW-killer. And the cycle of idiocy continues. Sad part is, all these tools will get work designing another multi-million dollar failgame in spite of this epic failure.