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08.05.2012 , 03:09 PM | #25
PVP gear is fine for most of the PVE content in the game. I did a HM LI on my Sent (missing two pieces of WH, all augs) and had some Rakata/some BH geared Sentinel raging at me for being there in PVP gear... His bonus damage was over 100 less than mine, his crit was enormously too high (almost 40%), and his surge was over 10% less than mine. I'm assuming he either had no clue where his stats needed to be/was using stock gear/both. He had a whopping 1800 more health than me. Sure, his mainstat was higher, but that's irrelvant when you look at his actual important stats. I had absolutely no trouble tanking all the HM FPs (yes, including LI, it's not hard if you know the fights) in BM gear on my Jugg and I will probably tank an op or two this week. Just haven't cared about PVE until recently.

The difference between BM and the equivalent level PVE gear is largely just an epic mainstat aug. I believe WH to Campaign/BH is bigger but overall probably not that big of a deal, either. No sense whining about it.