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Up untill today, I am not sure if Sonic Round breaks CC, so I don't use it in these situations. Some say it breaks CC, some say it doesn't, I donno....
... I usually follow up with a Smoke Grenade and a Reactive shield, but most tanks seem to keep those for emergencies, I donno.

Needless to say...
- always, always re-use Stockstrike every time when the CD is finished
- use a Ion Pulse every time the 4th Power Screen is nearly gone, so that it renews
- always re-use Energy Blast + High Impact Bolt when their CD is finished
I use Sonic Round frequently, and it does not break CC for me. I used as recently as Friday in Explosive Conflict with no problems at all.

I use Smoke Grenade as often as it is off CD, but i only use Reactive Shield in situations when i really need the extra help (if you waste it on fights you don't need it on, you might not have it when you really need it) - the same goes for Adrenaline Rush. I try not to use the 2 of them together, since there are occasions where they are both needed.

Definitely agree with you on using those abilities all the time. Power Screen is hugely important, so it needs to stay up during a fight, and the other abilities have so many tanking benefits, you'd be foolish not to use them.