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The question I have for you, and all Tanks in general. Grabbing aggro when you're in a HM or OP which requires CCing some of the tougher elements of the fight. In that situation you can't use AOE taunts or Mortar Volley without breaking CC.

What's the best rotation to use in that situation?...
If I can't use Storm & Explosive Surge due to CCed mobs, I use Storm & Neural Jolt on the hardest (non-CCed) mob and then Harpoon on the second hardest mob. If the DPSes do their job corrrectly, they attack the regular mobs and kill them before they can do any harm. If they don't do their job correctly and they attack the harder mobs, it is your job to tell them to attack the regular mobs first.

Up untill today, I am not sure if Sonic Round breaks CC, so I don't use it in these situations. Some say it breaks CC, some say it doesn't, I donno.

If there is a 3rd hard mob, you can use Ion Pulse + Stockstrike + Energy Blast + High Impact Bolt on that one.
Then an Ion Pulse on the first target and another Ion Pulse on the second target.

Then you got this situation...
- you got aggro on all three
- you got Ion Cell ticking on all targets (due to your High Impact Bolt)
- your Power Screen is up to 8% (due to the three Ion Pulses and Energy Blast)
- all three mobs do 5% damage less (due to the Ion Pulse you used on them)

I usually follow up with a Smoke Grenade and a Reactive shield, but most tanks seem to keep those for emergencies, I donno.

Needless to say...
- always, always re-use Stockstrike every time when the CD is finished
- use a Ion Pulse every time the 4th Power Screen is nearly gone, so that it renews
- always re-use Energy Blast + High Impact Bolt when their CD is finished
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