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Having played through both stories, I'll give my opinion below not using game mechanics, as it's flawed when doing X vs Y.

It would come down to a battle of will.

Without the Force Walking ability, the Sorcerer is just your average Sith, and cannot compete. However, as he has 5 ghosts bound to him, and having to have his body genetically altered to control them... at his height of power, he has an unnatural edge.

Jedi barsen'thor, the greatest Jedi of an era, where the title isn't given away annually (not even Satele Shan is one). Naturally powerful in the force, the kind of Jedi every light side force sensitive should aim to emulate.

My opinion:
Force confrontation
The Sage would be capable of defending him/herself against what ever the Sorcerer could throw, however the Sage unable to deliver deadly attacks through the force (in keeping with the Jedi tradition) which wouldn't cause problems for the Sorcerer. The confrontation would result in a draw.

So it comes down to who would give up first. Would the Sorcerer realize how not-so powerful the dark side is and retreat and/or chose the path of the light side through the sages influence? Or would the sage simply retreat as the contest through the force cannot be won? (Yoda vs Sid)

Lightsabers Drawn
Both individuals are equal, neither relies on brute strength for their saber style, you can argue that both are proficient in all saber styles. The Sage in this instance isn't as hesitant in attack with the saber compared with the use of the force. The Sorcerer cannot now take for granted that the Sage will not attack.

At this point it will come down to skill of the blade, neither stands out as the better of the other.

take this as a balanced review, i like both stories equally.
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