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08.05.2012 , 03:20 AM | #62
I had a lot of fun with my Jedi gaurdian - the combat flows really well and t's a lot of fun force leaping into mobs and hacking at one guy then force pushing another guy twenty feet away before doing a force sweep and knocking the remaining guys senseless. I thought the combat was really well executed and that it flows from one attack into another really well. Also to me melee attacks are a lot more fun than shooting at a target from a distance.. Basically I feel like a ninja and that's not what I was expecting in an mmo - I was expecting static combat that just looks ridiculous but in the game it's far from that, it looks epic and really pretty believable when the lightsaber starts swinging into the faces of evil doers.

On the other hand, tho, my agent operative is hands down my favorite class. Popping into stealth, cc'ing someone then popping out of stealth behind someone else with hidden strike is fantastic. I feel like the ****** operative I play as in the story missions, and the story is so epic and awesome with IA that it's easy to get excited about the characters. It's awesome sneaking around in stealth and the class also requires more strategy which I like too. I can't just leap into the middle of a mob and start sending fools flying in every direction like with the Jedi - it requires some finesse. And, as a healer I have a lot more fun in fp tbh. Pvp is also more fun as a healer - when I heal a teammate that was about to die and bring him up to full health and frustrate the hell out of whoever was about to finish him off - priceless Lolz. I also seem to get WAY more MVP votes as a healer than I ever did with the Jedi so maybe I'm better as heals or maybe people appreciate you more when they see your name on their screen and realize you just save them from certain doom. Lolz

Bounty hunter is my least favorite. I have a 50 pt and the combt just seems really clunky and unattractive to me. No finesse, no fluid motions.....just flame, missiles, blasters..bleh