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08.05.2012 , 02:21 AM | #11
I'd like to point out all of this is was written when I was in a very pissed off mood. Even though I realize this, I still stand by my OP. Yes typos and what not, but all of this was personal experience. I am VERY opened minded, like a lot of RPers I know and am friends with. Though this is unexseptable. A level 11 Sith running around half naked saying he's The head of the Dark Council. I would understand and even laugh and give the guy a pat on the back if he was joking or trolling, but he was dead serious. Which is bad RP. Some people say "Oh that's just what you think is bad." No it is fact that if you RP Reven or the Exile and are just time travelers you are disrespecting lore other players and are being a snowflake. I swear that I have seen people RP this. Those that say "there is no bad RP" Are the ones that in MY experience the ones that are doing this crap. Now I ask that we return to what this forum post was about. Defending Sith or sharing a story of a messed up one you have met, and NOT post something attacking me.