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You should rename your thread btw - should say "4 manned NiM Bonethrasher and Soa."

My guild 4 manned HM EV and felt that Gharj, the Ancient Pylons and the Infernal Council should be your next target. 4 manning the droid on NiM is probably a bit harder than Gharj or the Pylons.

For the Infernal fight I'm curious what 4 dps you plan on using?

Also, good luck on NiM Jarg and Sorno, that's going to be a tough fight.
We got the first boss in NiM EV to 9%, we are trying it with a different healer next week to see if it works better. For the infernal fight we will use 2 DPS and 1 tank and 1 healer. We might do 3 DPS and 1 healer, not sure yet. For 2 DPS it would be a marauder and juggernaut, and for 3 DPS it would be a marauder, juggernaut, and either merc/pt.

Also we attempted Jarg and Sorno on NiM mode and it is impossible. got Sorno down to 50% and jarg to 70%.
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