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What are you talking about? Attack the enemy ball carrier - medal. Pass the ball - medal. Defend a point - medal. Attack a point - medal. Heal someone - medal. Taunt enemy to reduce their damage - medal. Guard someone - medal. Kill someone - medal. Plant a bomb - medal. Defuse a bomb - medal. Sticking to the objectives is exactly how you *GET* medals.
You're talking about medal farming. I'm talking about objectives. You can actually do things and rack up objective points and still not get medals. That is what I am saying.

This topic was made so I can get my opinion to the devs about the current setup. A good player on a winning team gets 125 WZ comms +MVP votes. A good player on a losing team gets considerably less. A bad player (starting out) may play the whole game and still get absolutely nothing for it. IMO, this is still TOR and that bad player is still building that character and they should still get some comms, valor, credits and XP at the end for their time invested --- even if it is a small amount. There is no reason for blanks across the board. Let them grind low numbers while they suck, but at least give them a reason to stick to the grind.