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Well Rev, if it was the second round and they got the first door quicker than you, then the game ends with the "attackers got the data" sound bite.

7 months, 2 servers later, I still haven't seen any hacks. I'm not saying they're not out there, but all the videos I've seen are from the first months of the game. It seems to me that BW is, in fact, doing something about cheaters when they are reported, considering that the amount of "hacks" posts is much lower these days. The ones that do pop up are filled with people mistaking actual abilities or known bugs. (most of the old posts were the same, but for arguments sake let's talk about the current situation)

Report if you feel like there's shenanigans afoot, but please do some research/ dig through the combat log before you fly off the handle. If they are actually cheating, BW does ban them; just don't be surprised when your told (for example) that Predation is not "speed hacking." (etc etc)

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