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It can be bad and make people hate it, especially against pre-mades. It would be nice to choose not to face a pre-made team, but that would be very if not impossible implement. For example 8 players que at the same from the same guild solo. They might get on the same team and that would be impossible to stop. Although when solo ranked warzones are released hopefully the fully geared pre-mades will go there. What the pre-made full war hero groups do not understand is how horrible it feels to get face rolled over and over again.
Implementing tiers in WZ's for level 50's would be nice. Just make it so that once in the WZ you can not switch gear and the person with the most expertise decides to which tier the group will belong.
It is tough to have any compassion for the other team because winning is fun, but constantly losing does not make people want to face you.
Pre level 50 pvp is fun, but it full of people who do not listen or are incompetent and level 50 pvp has more stress and can be frustrating, but normally your team knows what to do and listens.

PvP is never gonna be perfect for everyone, but should be fun for most people not the eelect few.
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