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You paid for the statue. And I believe you got a sound track too, didn't you?

DDE and Standard players didn't get anything physical with theirs. You got what you paid for.

No one really believed they were going to stock those vendors, did they? Both the DDE and the CE ones.
I really believed they would because they said they would,

From that page, "Collector’s Edition Store. At launch the Collector’s Edition Store will be available to those who have the Collector’s Edition of The Old Republic, and will feature items found nowhere else in the game! The Collector’s Edition will be stocked with exclusive social items for yourself, and unique appearances for your companion. The store will also have regular updates to give players incentive to keep coming back."

While I am quite happy with the Darth Malgus statue, the soundtrack, the art book/journal, they were not the main reason I decided to opt for the collector's edition of SWTOR. They were certainly added value and I enjoy them but the promise of unique in-game items is why I made that purchase so simply put, no, I did not get what I paid for.
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