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im asking what i paid for and what they promised, in updating the vendor with new items often, is that asking for more than the CE owners is entitled to ? do u think they are going to ever update that vendor now with a cash shop comming out ??
You are entitled to what you paid for.

You are NOT entitled to a lifetime free subscription (value = $15 per month for however long you live or until the servers shut down, whichever comes first) over every other subscriber who, just like you, paid their monthly fee since the game went live.

Out of all the items you got with the CE, figure out what the VALUE (not cost!) of each is over the standard or DDE version of the game, subtract the VALUE of all the things you already have from the cost of your CE version, subtract the cost of the DDE version which was included, and then figure out then what a dollar value for CE shop updates would be.

$5? $10? If that's the case, you might be able to press for ONE free month of paid subscription but honestly.. LIFETIME?

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