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Not only have you declared in your post that all RP must conform to what you want but with this statement you've insulted every worker who works 2nd and 3rd shift as well as anyone living in a time zone other then yours! Since you declare that any person on at that time was some kid skipping school or someone living off his parents which one are you?
Um no I havn't declared that all RP must conform to what I want. I havn't in anyway done that... My problem is that these people talk to me as if it's fact that Sith are evil psychopathic monsters that can do whatever the hell they want and the council can't do anything about it, which is simply not true. For the second part. I meant the way they acted. They raged at me like a immature 13 year old kid(Not all are like that, but most I've met) or they raged like a no life fanboy who rages at the slightest smallest thing they don't like. I never meant any offence to others that play at that time or have work. It was the way they acted that I was pointing out. Also since people asked, I am neither. I'm home because I'm taking care of my aging grandmother.