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You can be a reasonably decent player and get 0 medals by being in recruit gear against a full war hero team that keeps you stunned and dead the entire game because you're a free kill, and you didn't happen to get a crit of more than 2k against them in the one shot you had per life to do SOMETHING.

Not all failures in life or in games are due to personal badness, sometimes the other team is just that good.
No. A dps in recruit gear can and will hit over 2.5k, no problem. A healer in recruit will heal over 2.5k no problem. Someone who has the skill to taunt can throw one AOE taunt and get the basic guard medal, no problem.

I don't know what you think is happening in WZs, but I can tell you in absolute certainty that what you describe is not happening. And if you are not getting any medals in a WZ, stop thinking about gear and start thinking that you are not a decent player. You need to learn a bit more on how to play your class and look around more often in WZs. Look what your teammates are doing, and look what enemy is doing. If you actually can't get any medals, obviously you need to learn your class a bit more. Stick around your teammates and try to copy what they are doing, that might give you some idea.
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