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o,0 I'm sorry, wherein lied the story. It was more of a statement. So was yours!

Cool statement bro.
No it will exist, thats what 'Cartel Coins' are for. However as to what is in the shop, they've only vaguely stated. Cosmetics and 'Helper' Buffs etc.

Whats stupid about peoples notion is that they believe that there'll be some sort of 'pay to win' item on there.

Imagine what would happen if you could use "Heroic Moment" abilities in pvp/ops. It'd create an imbalance. Pay to win weapons translate to the defintion of Imbalance, and i'd say it'd be steered clear from.

The cosmetic side of things is a huge area to explore. Within months you could see guilds running around in storm trooper/clone trooper armor, species that weren't in the game before etc. Frankly I'm okay with all of these things. I guess people are always terrified of change.