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08.04.2012 , 04:03 AM | #19
Thanks for the new additions! I've also added TD-07A Panther Headgear (IA, BoE), as well as recommended pieces of the Formal set of social armour, even if they are Male only. (I saw someone on fleet wearing those pieces with an officer jacket, and thought it worked well together. ;)

Also, the Xenotech Enforcer set (one of the few all-white officer sets) has just been added to the loot tables of the final bosses from level 50 normal flashpoints. I have updated the list accordingly, but I haven't yet double checked the drops for myself. (Mind you, while running FPs recently, I did have the Xenotech Enforcer's Leggings and Boots drop for me... But on my Smuggler, rather than my Agent. Sigh...)