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<3 my Star Wars Brothers&Sisters!

I feel like I can breath again after reading in this thread a bit.

The amount of complaining, kicking and screaming this community has put out so far has been quite a downer for me. To me it works like this: Positive feedback and heavily pointing out things you want and like affects lasting change much more than whining and pointing out every flaw. Doing the latter fosters an unsecurity than leads to those acting watching their every move from fear of doing something wrong. This leads to reaction rather then action which is exactly what (if I understand them correctly) the whiners don't want.

The logic i simple: To make game work --> Money, To get money --> Moore people playing game, Reading only negative things on forums --> Frighten potential new Star Wars Brothers&Sisters away = Bad idea to write lots of negativity on forums.

That being said, I'm all for criticism, but there are different ways to deliver it.

I really like the game and I am having a blast with PVP aswell as leveling and endgame PvE. I'm for one is amazed that the 4 WZ has lasted this long for me, I can only conclude that either I'm really easy to entertain or they are really well made.

I for one am more than content with the game BW has given me, despite all the whining on the forums and EA bashing them officially (not a good way to build confidence) and can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

Having whiners own our forums saddens me. lets take them back!


Lets give the forums back to the people who enjoy the game
Perfect post right here. I've only played like 5 warzones on my level 50 JK mainly because for the longest time, I didn't know how to queue up (yes I'm a noob, this is my first mmo, blah blah *********** blah). Lvl 50 pvp is nowhere near as fun as 10-49 and that's fine. I honestly don't see the problem with pvp, then again I'm not a hardcore pvp