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The Jedi Consular is more powerful than anyone else in the Force. The shielding technique he learns is incredibly power and most that use it die after only a few times. The consular uses it a bunch of times and is no worse for wear. The fact that he can do this shows how strong he is in the Force. Just because it isn't flashy like force lightning doesn't mean he isn't the strongest in the Force.
Uh... where is it stated that he's more powerful? You missed a lot of dialogue if you think you can use the shielding technique and be just fine. It's stated that it almost kills you. Of course, they screwed the pooch when they wrote the consular and that doesn't really show up beyond dialogue, but it's there.

Besides, we're talking about who would win in a fight. What's the consular gonna do? Shield him to death... from... uh...? It's a technique with a pretty limited application, whereas the Inquisitor's story ability seems pretty good for defense and attack. As a bonus...

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