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Longish story passage here (~6000 words), not really thematically related to anything. This is the long form of a prompt I did for the Short Fic Weekly Challenge thread.

I broke this into segments. One segment has spoilers for the Agent’s Alderaan line; the details have some personal and political exposition, but can be skipped without rendering the rest of it nonsensical.

Which means tag 1 is Agent-safe; tag 2 is Agent Alderaan spoilers; tag 3 provides the necessary action context for if you wanted to skip tag 2; tag 4 is the long long rest of all this babbling.

Line 1. Allies on Alderaan

~ Agent spoilers in this section. Skip to the next section for a barebones summary of what’s going on (that leaves out the whys and wherefores). ~


~ Agent spoilers over. Super-brief leadin for those who skipped that part: ~


~ All together, Agent safe.~

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