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Actually, if you stick to the objectives, you don't always earn medals in a warzone. If you play just for the medals as your objective, the team is worse for it. That is my argument. All I propose is a better system for rewarding effort. This isn't about elitism or "help, help, I'm being repressed!"

It's stupid, IMO, that you can try and even be awarded objective points for doing the right things, but still get no post match reward in XP, comms, credits and valor.

You guys crack me up --- seems like a few of you are afraid of possible future competeition and would rather discourage new players from keeping warzones popping during the duration of this game. We all look forward to forced mergers of the remaining servers some day and the ensuing 35-45 minute queue times.
I agree with you in principal but like some many before have said, it is really hard to not get ONE medal. Unless of course you're a back-fill from a quitter. I can say with a clear conscience that I have NEVER played a full match and not received at least one medal, although I have been teamed with people who have. It should be so rare as to be a non-issue. It was one thing before mergers where you could conceivably play against the same team 5-10 times in a row, but now?
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