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12.19.2011 , 11:51 AM | #21
Server first boss kills are one thing, and that one thing is at end game. The majority of the community really doesn't give two credits about a server first low level world spawn.

I've been on the hardcore raiding side of things and I can honestly appreciate the desire to get a server first kill, but come on, we all know that all of these guilds/people claiming server firsts on this low level content are simply starved for attention or wanting to have their epeen stroked a little. Mask the desire for recognition however you want; say its just something you think would be cool or fun, but it still comes down to the desire for attention or wanting to be recognized for something (anything) in this online world. People who want recognition for their server first "Hogger" kills are no better than the zerg guilds who really think their 90+ members somehow makes them the best guild on the server and proudly emphasize their large player base as a bonus in their constant recruitment messages.