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which server you on?i live on the begeren colony....and usually,all the schadenfreuds are confined to the republic side

of course sometimes it gets boring sitting on dromuund kaas,korriban,or the fleet and listening to players jaw on about pvp strategy...anything else pvp....or how attractive certain npc are..or giving directions

but you go to tython on my server and the place is filled with beggars,people talking about pop music and what there kids do all day...talking about irl politics...talking about irl work and what there favorite flavor of cheese is.....

on the begeren colony server it seems we got the opposite situation from the op,most of the more mature people are on the sith side...and on my server even to the point of talking,rarely do people talk unless it has something to do with pvp...or killing jedi (this is on the imp side)
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