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08.03.2012 , 02:28 PM | #6
As a fresh 50 dps, I can safely tell you not to fret! I had heard complaints from other new 50's and was hesitant to utilize the group finder, knowing I was poorly geared. I decided to try my luck and started running HM FP's within minutes. I finished both HM FP's with no issue. I just followed the leader and played my role as a dps. There were no complaints from my group members and no one mentioned my gear until I looted a new chest piece and they told me I could "stop dressing like a dork now." All of my group members were encouraging and helpful; both runs went smoothly. I'm sure this won't always be the case, but I know that if I stay in the queue thing will work out.

Stick with the Tier 1 HM FP's until you are comfortably geared, then move onto Tier 2. It won't take long. In two runs, I had an 3 pieces of Columni and an exotech chest piece.