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12.19.2011 , 11:50 AM | #30
My group just gave up on it there after 4-5 attempts. Had sniper / assassin tps, juggernaut tank, and op healer. We couldn't do it at all level 25-27
we actually got really lucky and somehow bugged one of our attempts so when we lost it only reset to just the 2 troopers (we killed the jedi before)... then right as we attacked our healer lost connection so we lost our best chance and said **** it.

This fight is just too hard atm for the recommended levels, I might try it again at like... 40. Just to kick its dead body when im done.

As a sniper none of my stuns or knockbacks worked on any of the mobs i tried them on. Was pretty annoying. I think part of our difficulty was our tank only had a single target taunt and not aoe but who knows, might be easier with other group setups.