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Hmm. Interesting. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I get two vastly different results depending on enemy dps vs friendly heals.

My current PvE gear gets me 20k hp and 4853 armor for a total of 31% damage reduction.
My Recruit gear gets me 13k hp and 4332 armor for 28% damage reduction + 15% pvp damage reduction

Let's say I'm being focused by 2 people, each doing 1000 dps and being healed by a third for 1000 hps.

2000 dps - 31% damage reduction = 1380 dps - 1000 hps = 380 dps
20,000k / 380dps = 52 seconds to die

2000 dps - 43% damage reduction = 1140 dps - 1100 hps (10% expertise healing boost) = 40 dps
13,000k / 40dps = 325 seconds to die

If we add a third 1000 dps focusing fire, it looks like this:
3000 dps - 31% = 2070 dps - 1000 hps = 1070 dps
20,000 / 1070 = 19 seconds to die

3000 dps - 43% damage reduction = 1710 dps - 1100 hps = 610 dps
13,000 / 610 = 21 seconds to die

Correct me if my math is off here, but it seems that the more dps I'm taking (compared to healing) the less effective my Recruit gear will be relative to my PvE gear.
Your looking at it from a strange direction. First you should forget about the 1v1 and 2v1 conjecture because that really had nothing to do with it. The big thing is how taking less damage = less healing required from the healers

It's all based of the fact that your basically trading HP for damage reduction, so from the healers point of view, that 5k hit becomes a 4k hit which is less healing needed in general. As long as the healer can keep you up, your max HP is irrelevant so an overall gain in survival is obtained.

Going back to the 2v1 issue, having 2 people hitting for 5k means the healers resources are being spent much faster then if you are taking 4k hits from both enemies.

This of course is assuming that a healer will actually strain them self out to keep you alive for a long period of time. If no such individual is around, then your max HP becomes a factor again.