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I asked about this on the PvP forums and didn't get an adequate answer.

Are you claiming this because you know for sure? Or you just think so?

I've been thinking about getting into PvP. When I swap my PvE gear for recruit I lose 35% of my health and 25% of my dps. My instinct is to keep my PvE gear and grind Battlemaster and don't even bother with Recruit. I've had 3 people disagree with me, but nobody has given any concrete explanation.

Can you?
Full Campaign gear is mathmatically better then the recruit set in PvP in 1v1 situation. As soon as it becomes 1v2 (or worse) Campaign starts to fall behind by rather large amount. As PvP is very rarely 1v1 you are almost always better off going with the recruit set.

Caveat: Once you get to 1000 to 1100 expertise swapping out PvP gear for Campaign/BH gear is beneficial as long as your expertise stays above 1000.

For Pve I use this:

Campaing/Rakata/BH > War Hero > BattleMaster = Columi > Tionese > Recruit