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08.03.2012 , 12:11 PM | #1
I know they changed some things a couple months ago to keep players from entering warzones just to hide and collect free comms without having actually played in the match. But now, there are genuine effort competitors that either don't have experience, expertise, or the gear to be of much help. They need to earn warzone comms to improve their gear, yet they are always at a risk to not earn a medal during the WZ, even if they achieve certain objectives. A good premade team can usually make quick work of a random grouped team from a queue. Throw in a couple noobs and it's a lock. Sometimes people know they won't get anything and they quit the group and another queued player pops in only to get nothing for wasting his or her time trying to improve a hopeless cause.

There is something seriously still wrong here. I hope the devs find a way to fix this, because it is preventing some players from wanting to play warzones at all. It also reflects on the game in general when you try to have fun, but are sucker punched at the end. If the winning team is getting extra rewards for finishing a warzone early, then it is obvious the match was unbalanced and the losers shouldn't walk away thinking "why even bother ..." simply because they were deprived of XP, WZ Comms, valor, etc. ... for doing their best.