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12.19.2011 , 11:48 AM | #29
When completing this flashpoint yesterday we went in with an admittedly sub-optimal group comp (my Guardian, 2 Seers and a Scoundrel) on the lower edge of the level range (22-26) and wiped several times on this fight before completing it.

Our initial strategy (which failed) was to burn them each down, but the damage buff that provided taxed our healing (all 3 of them) either proving unsustainable or unable to cope (OOM) with the increased damage output (tank death).

They all have aggro tables (except maybe the sith warrior but he's tauntable) and so I simply tanked all 4 in the center of the room with the occasional force-jump+ Taunt to pickup the warrior. We then DPSed them all to 5% and then killed them in rapid succession.

Definitely the most difficult boss fight I've encountered thus far (though the un-tankable first boss in MR was just freaking frustrating -- I ended spending most of that fight in Shien Form).

The bugged out chest after wiping 4 times was not cool though. Guess I'll have to run it again.
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