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It does not work backwards (the best PvE gear is worse than Recruit in PvP), but that's why they give free Recruit set, so all in all quite fair. If they make PvP gear useless in PvE, they need to give free Tionese set or smth like that to even up.
I really like to know how you can claim this one. If I have full Campaign and BH gear and PvP against someone in recruit gear... They are going to kick my ***?

The damage reduction from the set is 15.40% at the loss of 25% of the total HP (500 endurance x 10 = 5000HP) so that's a handicap right there.

The bonus damage from the set is 18.20% at the cost of 500 of your primary stat (100 bonus damage and 3% crit), 100 surge (5%) , 50 crit (1%) and 250 power (57.5 bonus damage). Total loss of 157.5 bonus damage, 4% crit, and 5% a set bonus. Assuming you started at around 1000 bonus damage from Campaign gear, the bonus damage loss alone is 15.75% damage. That set bonus could also be a huge determent depending on what class you are playing.

I don't see any reason why you would make the assumption that high end PvE gear would be absolutely worthless for PvP if your only choice was the recruit set. It works just as well as WH gear in EV/KP (mediocre).

Either way, your going to get destroyed by BM/WH players...