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08.03.2012 , 01:13 AM | #12
PvP gear is good for starting PvE just because HM FP grind is just very long. Those who don't like it (like me) can gear up for PvE by getting full BM set plus War Hero relics, then diving right into EV/KP HM for Rakata. Tionese is completely useless, and Columi is also skippable (although you will still get it in EV/KP HM so may just as well use).
Before 1.3 it was the only sensible way to gear up IMO. Now with the addition of Group Finder and better rewards you can just as well do HM FPs, but the PvP way still works.

It does not work backwards (the best PvE gear is worse than Recruit in PvP), but that's why they give free Recruit set, so all in all quite fair. If they make PvP gear useless in PvE, they need to give free Tionese set or smth like that to even up.