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I'd prefer if people actually read the entire post before commenting so they don't ask questions where the answer is in the thing they are quoting. Also this is all personal experiences of myself and my trusted players. Finally I will not respond to post that ask questions that are answered in this post

Okay if you are actually reading this then I'll tell you my reasoning. This all happened on EbonHawk

Okay I'd like to state that I know people can have their own form of RP and their own opinions, but when it comes to people judging and stating that someone is a poor excuse of a human due to IC interactions you know there's a problem. Well anyways these are some of the actions that make Sith players look bad and half of them stupid and hypocritical. I also know /ignore is a option, but this borders on ridiculousness and people can still teabag you to piss you off.

Edit: Original #1: "Illogical Racism" no longer seems to be a issue.
1. The total dismissal of Sith guidelines. rules and decrees.
Most Sith run around ruining everyone's day ICly and OOCly. They assault, extort and even try to force themselves on people in ways that the forums won't let me post. I get the whole Sith are evil and can be monsters thing. Though the Sith have always followed some form of guidelines so people don't see them as psychopathic squirrels on crack. I have seen the above actions happen multiple times and every time someone tries to fight back or call them out the Sith calls them traitors to the Empire demanding OOC that you let them perma kill your character because you insulted a Sith. If you say no and tell them to screw off, they trash talk you for about 20 minutes, then put you on ignore and file a complaint, trying have Bioware send you a warning mail(Which they don't). If you pay even the slightest attention to the first couple cut scenes of either the Inquisitor or the warrior you can see them clearly state the rules and guidelines that ALL Sith must follow, aside from the council and there is a quest on Dromund Kaas that informs you no matter what your class is that even full fledged Sith can not kill lower members such at acolytes and apprentices without reason. If you get them in trouble you are informed they were executed by Imperial Security(Not other Sith so normal people do have the ability to kill them) without trial or investigation. The Empire takes these rogue Sith VERY seriously. Like it or not people no matter what you say the Sith must behave or the the council will have them put down. It is plastered all over the game and it is clear as day.

2. The demand of over the top OOC and IC respect due to being level 50 and having the Darth title.
Normally when people demand this I tell them to screw off and if they have a problem with it go cry to their mothers.
I refuse to respect someone just because they got a title and spent time leveling up a character. Most of my characters hate Sith, even the good RPing ones. It's all their personal experiences that cause this. One was horribly wounded, another had her parents killed by a Sith. So yeah you won't get respect from me OOC for your stupid title. IC depends on the situation and which character.

3: People dressing like slave dancers and getting mad at others when they think they are slave dancers. I've noticed that A LOT of Sith are wearing the slave outfits from the social vendor and Cartel Market. Sith go around wearing dancing bikinis with their light sabers unequipped and get pissed when people don't assume they are chaste noblewomen of the Sith. Normally magically equipping robes and pulling out light sabers from a pocket dimension. I have literally been told that it is an "evening gown". Say what you want, but if you dress like a hoe, act like a hoe, and talk like a hoe... Unless you're a undercover cop or something, you're probably a hoe.

So a message to these Sith:

You can go ahead and ignore clearly stated lore and IC rules and enjoy your wetdream of being a Sith, but please do not try and intervene and RP with others who are having a fun time. I doubt anyone will want to RP or even speak to you if you're going to come up streaking, screaming like a lunatic and spamming duel.(BTW personal experience)

So that is why I hate 60% of Sith players. The rest are pretty cool. Yes there are good and even great Sith RPers out there. I'm just tired of the large amount of idiots.

Now before you go ragging on me this is all formed from personal experiences of myself and a couple friends, even some strangers. It's a opinion backed with actual experiences that helped it form.

I would ask YOU for your opinion.... no not you, the pretty one. Post a story about your experience with a stupid Sith. Try to defend them or go westburos church on them. I don't care, just share your thoughts without attacking me.