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Have been blaying TOR for about 4 months and when I first hit 50 with my were hard to get a place in an ops or flashpoint...since many juggs had better eq...tried for weeks but people keept telling me I had to bad gear...even if I had 50 gear , 50-56 rating most.
So I tought jugg whas overcrowded so Iīve hit both sniper and Merc to 50...and since Iīve gotten them this last 2 months I donīt seem to find people wanna play with people with gear under 58....And I donīt have that kind of money to buy 58> slots for my character as from GTN it would cost me about 30-40 mil....everyone wantīs people with good gear or full sets...but how are new players gonna get them if they donīt get the chance?

At lower levels I have my sorcerer and commando at around 30 with epic gear...get invites all the time....but itīs at maximum level I hit problems..

Not trying to complaing on players or anything...undrstand why people wantīs the best players....but just wondering whatīs the best move for new 50īs to get a place in ops or flashes?

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